Please don’t scam or trick body with it because I bear no responsibility whatsoever whether implied or expressed, construed or misconstrued)

1. Visit http://www.uknumber.co.uk/

2. Under select country choose Nigeria

3. Select 070 Landlines or mobiles “OR” 0871 Landlines only

4. You will see 234 just add Your Phone Number to the 234 without the first 0
E.g. my number is 07030107842 but I will enter it like this 2347030107842

5. Click on Click To Get Your Phone Number

First name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Your e-mail address:

7. Click on Click To Get Ur Your Number
Congratulations - Your number has now been allocated!

8. Your PIN number will be sent to the email address you provided so Please check your email to find the instructions on how to activate your number.

PLEASE NOTE: Your number cannot be used until you have activated it by following the instructions in the email you have been sent.

AIRTEL UPDATE free browsing code opera mini,ucweb,snatu,shmessger,solibay

12th DEC 2010 UPDATE
Opera 4.2 or 5.2
S60 create New Access points with
APN: internet.ng.zain.com
USERNAME: internet
PASSWORD: internet
HOME PAGE: http://airtellive.com/

U can also create a prov file 4 s40 users With dis.
port 80

After that put this in your
CUSTOM HTTP SERVER: http://airtellive.com/
port: 80
apn: internet.ng.zain.com
us&ps: internet
Press #8
Go to Network
In d operaminiserver put: airtellive.com
Untick reset of a server
Then save and enjoy............
port: 80
apn: internet.ng.zain.com
us&ps: internet
FRONT QUERY:airtellive.com/p/nph-erp.cgi/chizzy/http/
install and enjoy.............
apn: internet.ng.zain.com
us&ps: internet
FRONT QUERY: leave empty
scroll down
PROXY SERVER: airtellive.com
OK... and enjoy.........
BOLT 2.10 or 2.11
port: 80
apn: internet.ng.zain.com
us&ps: internet
open n scroll down
use proxy: HTTP
Proxy server:airtellive.com
UCWEB 7.0 AND 6.7
My m0dded Ucweb 7.0 for Airtel non-editabel

install with
apn: internet.ng.zain.com
us&ps: internet
Ucweb 6.7
port: 80
apn: internet.ng.zain.com
us&ps: internet
FRONT QUERY:airtellive.com/p/nph-erp.cgi/chizzy/http/

latest mtn cheap browsing on mobile and pc

unique variety of data plan at more affordable prices

DAILY N100 TEXT 104 T0 131
WEEEKLY N400 TEXT 105 TO 131
MONTHLY N1000 TEXT 106 T0 131

DAILY N500 TEXT 103 TO 131
NIGHT N2500 TEXT 102 T0 131
WEEKEND N3000 TEXT 108 TO 131
DAYTIME N6000 TEXT 107 T0 131
MONTHLY N8000 TEXT 101 TO 131

enjoy cheap browsing on your mobile and pc

freedom is back an better

have you been having problem browsing free???
now freedom has come to stay!!!!
just download the latest freedom client

than configure you freedom with this settings
than use the wizard and search for server and start browsing free

New MTN Undectable FREE BROWSING with Indian Software


How To Set It Up For MTN Network
Click on Settings
Leave every other things like
it is and change only the ones
i mentioned.
- web server proxy: remove
arunava.in and put
-web server port: 80or 8080
-php ful url:
-Organization ip:
-Organization Port: 80
-usename web
-password web
save and start it just wait
some minutes

then open your mozila firefox and click on >> tools >> option >> advance >> network >> settigs >> thick
manual configurati0n....clean away every thing there then
http proxy put port: 6050
ssl: port: 6051
INDIAN WEB PROXY> Tired of Public Unreliable Servers? {GET A POWERFUL PRIVATE SERVER TODAY!!} because you have shown interest in the (New MTN Undectable FREE BROWSING Indian Software) i will be giving u this free public

host for you to try out with your indian software.


latest mtn free browsing on your freedom

download the latest freedom clint for http://your-freedom.netthan configure your freedom client with this settings


yf add:ems19a.your-freedom.de

if your have any problem just send me a mail or call
enjoy free browsing

mtn free browsing on bolt

PORT: 80
Put this in your Proxy Server / Front Query 2fservlet %2f mms%ooa@us17.boltbrowser.com


PORT: 80
Then Put this in your Proxy Server
==>[ Then tick remove frm URL & Select No proxy frm use proxy.]

samsung star wifi - Configure Mobile Phone

 When you are in a free (open/unprotected) wifi zone, all u have to do is Create a Browsing profile and then connect to the Wi-Fi connection using the same profile, follow this:

1. Go to Menu.
2. Select Browser.
3. It will prompt you to create a new connection. Select Create.
4. In the next section leave Set Name as it is (or you can change it if you like)
5. In Bearer type drop down box Select Wifi.
6. In the next prompt select Search Wi-Fi Manually.
Wi-Fi will turn on and search for a Wi-Fi network in the region automatically.
7. Select the Wi-Fi network you want and It will save its name.
8. Leave the rest of the things as it is, no need to change any more settings.
9. Just select Save Button, It will directly take you to Browser profile page with the newly created profile listed(Default Name: Connection 01). Select the Radio Button in front of it.
10. Now come out to the main menu.
11. Now go to the Wi-Fi Tab, as it is already on it will show you the Wi-Fi networks in the region, if its not, turn it on and search again.
12. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to use and, select Connect.
13. Depending on the signal strength it will try connecting.
14. Once connected it will give you a message saying connected, you might need to attempt it a couple of times.
15. Once connected exit out and go to any shortcut on your phone or select Enter URL and type in the name of the Site you want to browse to.
16. There you go, you can start browsing to all your favorite Sites now.

NOTE: These steps only work for Free/Open to Air Wi-Fi connections, like in Coffee Shops, Hotels, Malls, Airports

if you can not use the wifi, than set up your gprs automatically
  Configure Mobile Phone

China Mobile Secret Codes

–Default user code : 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
–Engineer mode : *#110*01#
–Factory mode : *#987#
–Enable COM port : *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200
–Restore factory settings : *#987*99#
–LCD contrast : *#369#
–Software version : *#800#
–Software version : *#900#
–Set default language : *#0000# Send
–Set English language : *#0044# Send
–Set English language (new firmware) : *#001# Send
–Default user code : 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678


Mtn is back!do you want to access the internet on your mobile phone for free?if yes is your answer.... Just download opera mini 4.2 and 5.0 by handler and in put the following settings below and start accessing the mobile web for free


opera cheat

enjoy free browsing

at t cell phones

                                                      HTC Tilt 2 Mocha From AT&T

Get your Free ATT Phones Today with FREE Fedex Shipping. AT&T is the only mobile carrier that offers roll-over minutes any unused minutes will be rolled over to the next month so that you will have even more minutes to share with your friends and families.

                     Motorola BACKFLIP With MOTOBLUR From AT&T

With the largest ALLOVER network, you can talk to anyone, anywhere in America. Testing from the leading independent research company proves that AT&T has the fewest dropped calls of any wireless carrier. Hurry up and get up to 5 Free AT&T cell phones today with our biggest sale of the season. Click Here to See All AT&T Cell Phone Offers.

Free Anonymous Surfing or Browse with Privacy Protection

Proxify provides you with secure (SSL) anonymous surfing. It removes cookies, scripts, ads, referrer information and optionally page titles. It hides your user agent (which provides information like the name of your browser and operating system) and optionally, the referrer information sent by the browser.
ShadowSurf provides free anonymous surfing.
Surf Proxy
Surf Proxy is an anonymous proxy service situated in Germany, thus providing your anonymous browsing with a German IP address. (This may result in the unintended consequence that you end up at other websites' German language pages instead of the English versions [unless, of course, that was your intention in the first place]).
Proxy-Service.de (secure version)
This is a anonymous proxy service that provides both HTTP and HTTPS versions. Since the service is located in Germany, websites will register your visits as coming from a German IP address. You have to option to remove cookies and scripts from the pages you visit.
@nonymouse Anonymous Web Surfing
This free anonymous surfing service allows you to type into a URL into their website and it will retrieve that web page for you.
Guardster: Free Anonymous, Private Web Proxy
You can surf the Internet from this free anonymous web service. It is able to strip cookies, scripts, images, hide your referrer field, hide your user agent (name of browser), remove the page title, etc.
Anonymous Web Browser
The Anonymous Web Browser allows you to surf the internet anonymously, optionally removing cookies, the browser referer field, scripts (such as JavaScripts, VBScripts, etc), images, and objects (such as Flash, Java, etc). It can also encrypt your URLs and Cookies. You can also change the User-Agent (browser type) that the service sends to the website you're visiting. There is a 2 MB download limit, and a 5 second anti-flood timer.
the-cloak allows you to surf to other websites, strip away JavaScript code that that site may place on your pages, remove images, cookies, etc, while at the same time prevent certain information about your location and computer from being transmitted to that site. They place a limit of the number of times you can use their free service from a particular IP address.

Free Anonymous Surfing, Free Proxies

Anonymous surfing allows you to surf the web without leaving a trail of particulars about your browser, your computer system, your country, IP address, list of fonts installed on your computer (yes, websites can find that out from your browser too, if they want to), etc. This is usually done by entering the address (URL) of the site you wish to go to at the free anonymous surfing proxy site. The latter will then retrieve the page and present it to you. The site you visit will not receive any particulars about your system or your IP address because the proxy will not have transmitted such particulars to it.
If you are particularly concerned about privacy and anonymity while surfing, you should note that, when using most of the free anonymous surfing facilities, the URLs you visit and the content of those pages are easily gleaned by others. If absolute privacy is your concern, you might want to explore commercial solutions such as Steganos Internet Anonym and Anonymizer's Total Net Shield which encrypt all your traffic (including your URLs) in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) giving you privacy from people snooping your connection (say) when you're connected via wireless broadband, and even privacy from your ISP. Some of these commercial solutions may provide other benefits as well, such as encrypting your email, internet messaging (IM) and chats, etc.

torproject.org anonymity online free browsing on mtn

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis.
Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Tor works with many of your existing applications, including web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the TCP protocol.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world use Tor for a wide variety of reasons: journalists and bloggers, human rights workers, law enforcement officers, soldiers, corporations, citizens of repressive regimes, and just ordinary citizens. See the Who Uses Tor? page for examples of typical Tor users. See the overview page for a more detailed explanation of what Tor does, and why this diversity of users is important.
Tor doesn't magically encrypt all of your Internet activities, though. You should understand what Tor does and does not do for you.
Tor's security improves as its user base grows and as more people volunteer to run relays. (It isn't nearly as hard to set up as you might think, and can significantly enhance your own security.) If running a relay isn't for you, we need help with many other aspects of the project, and we need funds to continue making the Tor network faster and easier to use while maintaining good security.
Download Tor Vidalia


After installing, connect your moderm, Click on Vidalia setting, click on the Network tab, and select "I use a proxy to access the internet"

Port: 8080
Username: web
Password: web

click ok and click Start Tor

note it takes time to connect for 1st time

in Mozilla or other browsers use

go to tools > option > advanced > network > settings > manual proxy

PORT: 8118
it has a downloading speed of 62k/sec
it a us server

enjoy free browsing

Free GPRS Configurations

I have been getting lots of mails and questions about how to configure, get free gprs settings for different subscribers every day.
I have already posted so many ways on how to get gprs settings when you have any Nokia or a Sony Ericson’s phone irrespective of any service provider you have,check it here.

But still you have other company mobile like of Samsung ,Htc Touch,Lg and others then check out this post on how get the free gprs settings here.
Note: Still your purpose is not solved and you are not able to configure gprs on your mobile phone for free so you can still manually configure free gprs on your mobile device by manual gprs settings given below for almost every subscriber and their service and if i have missed any one of them do let me know.

Manual Hutch Gprs Settings

Account Name - Hutch_GPRS
User Name - Blank
Password - Blank
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Access Point Name - portalnmms
Full Internet Access Point Name - www
Proxy and Server address -
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Homepage - http://hutchworld.co.in
Authentication Type - Normal

Manual Airtel Gprs Settings
Homepage - any page you want to set.
User Name - Blank
Password - Blank
Proxy - Enabled/yes.
Proxy and Server Adress -
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Data bearer - GPRS or Packet Data.
Access Point Name - airtelgprs.com
Authentication Type - Normal
Use preferred access point - No

Manual Airtel live settings
Account Name - Airtel_live
Homepage - http://live.airtelworld.com
Username - Blank
Password - Blank
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Proxy and Server Adress -
Accespoint Name - airtelfun.com
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Data bearer - GPRS/ Packet Data
Authentication Type - Normal

Manual Idea Gprs Settings
Account Name - idea_GPRS
Username - Blank
Password - Blank
Homepage - http://wap.ideafresh.com
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Proxy and Server adress -
Databearer - GPRS / Packetdata
Acces Point Name - imis
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Authentication Type - Normal

Manual Bsnl Gprs Settings
Account Name - BPL WAP
Username -
Password -
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Homepage - http://wap.mizone.bplmobile.com
Proxy and Server address -
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Acces Point Name - mizone
Data bearer - GPRS/ Packetdata
Authentication Type - Normal

Free MTN Configuration 3.5G and others

How to Setup your Phone for Data Services (GPRS, 3.5G)

Manual Set Up Instructions

There are some phones that can only be setup manually. Please check if your phone is one of them. To setup your phone manually, you need to enter the following information, as applicable, on your phone:

Any device you use needs to be configured to use MTN’s Data Network (the same settings apply to GPRS and 3.5G).

3.5G Settings
# Account Name = MTN GPRS
# IP Address =
# Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
# Username = web
# Password = web
# Access Point Name (APN) = web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

GPRS/WAP Settings
# Account Name = MTN GPRS
# IP Address =
# Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
# Username = web
# Password = web
# Access Point Name (APN) = web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

MMS Settings
# Account Name = MTN MMS
# Access Point Name (APN) = web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
# Service Centre Address =
# IP Address =
# Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
# Username = web
# Password = web

Free freedom server configurations for free internet

Download and install the freedom server

follow this instruction for configuration

click on configure

Address type ems30.your-freedom.de

"the 01 stands forone server in United states so it ranges from 01 - 30 servers"

Port select 80
conection mode HTTP
uncheck 1,2,4,5

check mark Numbers 3,6,7,8

minimum buffer size 1500

initial post size 10000000

minimum post size 20000

FTP mode both

Account information
you have to register on this website www.your-freedom.net
Enter your registered username and password

Proxy settings
proxy address: empty
port :empty


Start connection

Check Auto scroll
minimum level - DEBUG

you will see this message
wrapping connection in SSL3

Be patient it will connect
Go back to status so when you see the voucher active it shows you are connected.

so the next thing to do is to configure your browsers

Go to internet options from Tools menu
click on the connections Tab
Select your mean

How To Format S60 Series Nokia Phones

After a long time using your mobile phones or even after a short period, sometimes you may get some problem in its functioning like automatic restart, unable to delete some file, camera not working, virus infected like commwarior, OS works very slow, bluetooth not working, phone hangs or not responding, unable to restart, in that case the first and foremost step is restore your original factory settings. Here I’m telling you how to track back the original factory settings and if the problem still persists than there’s an alternative approach for doing so.
Resetting Phone factory settings by Nokia Secret Codes.
This method is very simple one and you don't have to do much effort. In this process factory settings are restored i.e. phone is switched back to default settings and no application is deleted.

First Method-Normal Reset:
Before you start this first backup your phone books, calender and any other important stuff to your PC or memory card and then simply enter this code
It will ask for “Restore all phone settings-phone will restart….”
Then it will ask for security code, enter your security code whose default value is 12345 and then the phone is reset after restart. After doing all this phone will be restored to the time when you purchased the phone and no application is removed.

Second Method-Hard Reset:
The other method is formatting memory disk. It format the phone memory, everything that has been installed other than the default applications that were present at the time of purchase will be deleted. The phone restored to time to you purchased keeping the original software intact.This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten. Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by these sequences.

To do this just enter the code: -#7370#
Then it asks for security code, enter your security code and by default its value is 12345 and process as done in previous method.
Before starting just take backup of all the necessary data like contacts, calender etc.
Note : Battery should be fully charged or be connected to charger so that it may not run out of power.

If you encounter situation like below on your phone:

1. Blank screen phone and/or unable to reboot.

2. Phone only boot-up to "Nokia" word welcome screen.

3. Install some program but not able to uninstall it after that.

4. Unable to delete any unwanted files on C drive.

Do a Full phone formatting on your as steps below :

1. Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery power left.

2. Backup your all contact list and personal files to your memory card or PC.

3. Switch-off your phone and remove memory card.

4. Press and hold three keys : Green dial key, * Star key, no. 3 key on keypad and then press the power on/off button to switch on the phone. Remember! do not let go the 3 press and hold keys until you see a 'formatting' word screen show.

5. After a few minutes when the Full phone formatting completed, your phone will back to original company system and factory setting. Hope your phone will now work fine.

free zain configuration setup

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). It is a mobile communications technology designed for transmission of data rather than voice. It offers "always-on" internet connection and lets you use your phone (or other device) to browse the Web, send and receive multimedia messages and access services specific to your location, and use your phone for it's main conventional use: voice calls. When you set up your GPRS connection, you get almost immediate connection. There is no need to dial-up or use a modem. Your phone transmits and receives data through "packet-switching": the information is broken up into smaller "packets", each carrying the destination address. Email is delivered in a similar way.
The GPRS Service is the most practical and convenient method for surfing the World Wide Web from anywhere through your handset or PC, wirelessly!
To activate GPRS, send the word( INTERNET ) to 232 and you will receive the GPRS settings and activation by SMS on your handset; requesting that you switch off your mobile and enter pin 0000 while saving the GPRS setting.

If however the automatic setup didn't work, you can activate your GPRS manually by following these steps:

Name: access
IP Address:
Port: 8080
Username: internet
password: internet
APN: internet.ng.zain.com

Freedom to browse over firewalls

Are you trapped behind a firewall or a filtering web proxy and cannot access some or many web pages or use an application you would like to use or play a game you would like to play? Is your Internet connection being censored and you would like to stick censorship where the sun doesn't shine? Would you prefer to stay anonymous, that your IP address is not logged with every access to someone's web page? Then look no further, you've found the solution!

The Your Freedom services makes accessible what is unaccessible to you, and it hides your network address from those who don't need to know. Just download our client application and install or just run it on your PC; it turns your own PC into an uncensored, anonymous web proxy and an uncensored, anonymous SOCKS proxy that your applications can use, and if that's not enough it can even get you connected to the Internet just as if you were using an unrestricted DSL or cable connection -- just like the firewall suddenly went boom! You can even make your PC accessible from the Internet if you like. Nearly all applications work with Your Freedom, and so far no-one has managed to block our service completely and permanently without blocking your Internet access entirely.

Every day, more than 10,000 people in over 140 countries use our service, some because their government would rather not have them exercise their human rights, some because their school or university feels they are not mature enough to decide for themselves whether playing the odd game interferes with their studies or not, others because they don't want traceable IP addresses in every logfile. There are probably as many good reasons to use Your Freedom as there are restrictive firewalls in the world!

free mtn browsing

download the latest your freedom client
Click on "CONFIGURE". A new window pops out
Under Address use: ems30.your-freedom.de Go to "protocol" and click on the box. Change it to "http", the port automatically changes to "80"
Tick/check the following boxes: (a.)reconnect after server shutdown (b.)sock 4/5 dns (c.) Enable encryption (d.)enable encryption,than Leave the others.
Go to "Account Information" tab. Input the Username and password,don't put any proxy add or port.than click save and exit.download the open vpn.
go to the Your-freedom client window again and click on the tab "Ports". Tick/check/mark the boxes:SOCKS 4/4 and Web Proxy and openvpn.
11. Go to the tab "Applications" and mark/tick.check all the needed boxes. Hit the "OK" when u are done. U should get a successful message.
Configure your open vpn to this proxy. preferred alternate.
Than start connection,you will see the door open and a sun shine in the open door

browse free directly with mtn on laptop

 Conect ur Mtn to ur pc suite or modem.
 Set ur Browser settings to manual config using these


Click ok, then go 2ur Browser address bar n type


A page wil open, scroll down n enter any website u want to visit

dynamic free browsing ip rocks fast on mtn and zain.

On todays post i will be given out my dynamic ip that rocks fast on mtn and zain.
My dynamic ip for all networks

cheat http://wap.mtnonline.com/

zain opera 4.2 use it with my dynamic ip

zain opera 5 use it with my dynamic ip and it download

cheat http://wap.ng.zain.com/ use this with ur default settings

http://wap.ng.zain.com/cgi-bin/nph-1.cgi/bot/http/site or opera this download and browse

for nokia s40,just create the proxy and send to your phone.

enjoy free browsing


well today post we are going to talk about how to browse free with your mtn line using freedom software.i will advice anybody that want to browse free to get a 3G moderm,but if you don't have you can use your 3G PHONE.for nokia phone users

Go to NOKIA PC SUITE (you must install first)...connect your phone....click on one touch access and connect your phone using MTN NIGERIA



Go to http://www.your-freedom.net.

click on "First visit? Click here to register

fill the form and put ya e-mail correctly and submit....a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. click on the link or copy and paste in your browser then confirm....You now have a Username and Password

You can proceed to download this software at


(about 2.7Mb)

if you already have java run time environment on your computer

use this link


(about 12Mb)

if you dont have java run time environment on your computer

CONFIGURING THE FREEDOM (after downloading)

After installation, click on CONFIGURE,

PORT should be 443


tick the seven boxes except "AVOID USING DNS"

minimum buffer size- 1500

initial post size-1000000;

minimum post size-20,000;

FTP mode- both


fill in your USERNAME and PASSWORD

(i.e after u must have registered on their site),

leave the other tabs as they are.

Click on WIZARD(on the SERVER CONNECTION tab or page)

click on next and allow till it gets to where it will display available servers.

just select any and browse....you can copy others and use latter
(it takes some minutes)



in the space for ADDRESS put any of the IPs you have





use all of these with

PORT should be 443


leave the other tabs as they are.



you can now click 'START CONNECTION'

for MOZILLA FIREFOX browser, or other browsers

go to tools>options>network>settings>

tick use 'manual proxy configuration',

http proxy put localhost

port 8080

tick the box below, ok.


go to messenger.

connection preferences,

connect via a proxy, use "SOCKS PROXY" as and port as 1080.


 download messenger 10
 then go to connection preference,select connect directly to internet

Latest downloading ip for all networks

To download, go to your phone SETTINGS -> CONFIGURATION -> PERSONAL CONFIG. SETTINGS (for java phones, for symbian it should be access point), create an access point (for symbian, for java option ADD NEW, then select WEB)




ACCESS POINT web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

then option ACTIVATE it.

put this in WEB go to new or bookmark it

http://wap.mtnonline.com/nph-proxy.cgi/010110A/http/download link

the download link is the direct link to what you want to download...you can get it from opera 4.2 when you want to download and it gets to OPEN SAVE, just press MENU -> TOOLS ->ADD BOOKMARK...then go down to the second bar where the link/address is, skip the http:// and copy the rest, then add it to the cheat and bookmark



http://wap.mtnonline.com/nph-proxy.cgi/010110A/http/ + www.your-freedom.net/ems-dist/freedom-20100111-01.exe

to give


For Xpress Music phones

After activating the new web you created, copy the cheat + download link to NOTES, make new note and write the cheat + download link in it, the save

to start download...try several times


do same for zain with zain web or access point u created with the PROXY and PORT

put this in web or bookmark

/nph-proxy.cgi/010110A/http/download link


put this in web or bookmark

http://wap.etisalat.com.ng/nph-proxy.cgi/010110A/http/download link

one of all free browsing software

mtn has blocked freegate.but i asure you that you will not stop browsing free.well
 with ultrasurf you can still browse free ,ultrsurf is one the free browsing software that connect you to a norway server. Just download with this link


.then connect phone with pc suite, click connect to internet on pc suite select MTN and after the stuff has connected or if you are using mtn fastlink or any moderm.  then just double click ultrasurf .note ultrasurf does not install, it just runs when you open it'.. Also the one on their website is a zip file. Just extract and paste on desktop environment
it configurer internet explorer automatically

for mozilla and other browsers go to the browser tools, locate settings and network settings and put

port 9666

enjoy free browsing

latest zain free browsing

on today post of free browsing trick we are going to talk about how to browse free using your zain line.just configure your operamini 4.2 with this cheat
Zain users use this




for your opera 4.2 use only this

for those using java phones, you'll need to go to


1. Select use Network

2. Enter the IP and PORT above

3. Generate the proxy

4. Download to your PC or SYMBIAN phone and then transfer to your java phone through BLUETOOTH! ONLY


read email earn credit and a get an
Intel 2.2Ghz Duo Core 2 with 4GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit laptop
on today topic of free browsing we are going to talk about the latest free browsing on mtn
Use this Opera 4.2 and 5.2

port 80

cheat: http://wap.mtnonline.com@server4.operamini.com:80

4 ur handler like:
bolt handler
ucweb handler
togo tv, use

port 443
front query: wap.mtnonline.com@

u can still use d ip 4 opera above 4 ur handlers and vice versa

downloading trick:
port 80
cheat: wap.mtnonline.com/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/ik/http/anysite

ip for free browsing

MTN 4.2 and 5.2
with d normal mtn settings use


MTN 2.0 & Solibay
with d normal mtn settings use


Ebuddy, mig33, togotv, etc
use dis
port 80
front query: wap.mtnonline.com@

downloading cheat
port 80
cheat: wap.mtnonline.com/cgi-bin/nph-foxyn.cgi/ik/http/anysite

direct free browsing on pc without your freedom

This settings i'm giving to you
works with PC, OPERA 4 and OPERA 5
Browsers respectively

To use this code with PC, change your browser ip to any of the proxy
server and port below:
94.246.126. 89 port 80
80.239.242. 253 port 80 port 80

In your homepage, put this code:
http://wap.mtnonlin e.com/gwt/ n?=anysite
http://wag.mtnonlin e.com/go/ nph-go.cgi/ 0001A/http/ anysite

the new configuration setting and the new free browsing code for mtn and zain

on today edition of free browsing we are going to talk about mtn free browsing on your phone browser and operamini and also zain on operamini.
use this ip and port
server and port below:
94.246.126. 89 port 80
80.239.242. 253 port 80

In your homepage, put this code:
http://wap.mtnonlin e.com/gwt/ n?=anysite
http://wag.mtnonlin e.com/go/ nph-go.cgi/ 0001A/http/ anysite
To use it to downloadwith your operamini handler that has front query,
create access point with any of the IPs then Go To your operamini front
query and put the cheat. Excluding the http://
94.246.126. 89 port 80
in front query put
wap.mtnonline. com/gwt/n? =operaserver

Note: Opera 5 server is "mini5beta.opera- mini.net: 80" and Opera 4
server is "server4.operamini. com:80"
To use it with Operamini 5 or 4, customize your access point with d
proxies giving above. Then change the opera_server to any of the operas
you are using
94.246.126. 89 port 80
code: http://wap.ng. zain.come/ gwt/n?=mini5beta .opera-mini. net:80

Hint: if you noticed, i used zain code above instead of mtn. Don't get
confused it is for a reason.

This settings works for both zain and mtn free browsing. Simply replace
wap.mtnonline. com to wap.ng.zain. com vise versa
enjoy free browsing...happy new year