Free freedom server configurations for free internet

Download and install the freedom server

follow this instruction for configuration

click on configure

Address type

"the 01 stands forone server in United states so it ranges from 01 - 30 servers"

Port select 80
conection mode HTTP
uncheck 1,2,4,5

check mark Numbers 3,6,7,8

minimum buffer size 1500

initial post size 10000000

minimum post size 20000

FTP mode both

Account information
you have to register on this website
Enter your registered username and password

Proxy settings
proxy address: empty
port :empty


Start connection

Check Auto scroll
minimum level - DEBUG

you will see this message
wrapping connection in SSL3

Be patient it will connect
Go back to status so when you see the voucher active it shows you are connected.

so the next thing to do is to configure your browsers

Go to internet options from Tools menu
click on the connections Tab
Select your mean