Choose between any of the custom servers, and use this as your server address, it also rock well on opera mini 2.00, 2.06, 3.10 and lots more. Note that the possibilities of this FBT are phone dependent. Currently most Nokia S40 phones like 5200, 5300, 3110c, 6300 and lots more are doing beautifully and wonderfully as far as free browsing codes on mobile phones are concerned than most advanced phones like Nokia E71, 3230. please the information herein are not too reliable cause the phone models out listed and adumbrated above, are the only phone I have used to try this FBT before posting them on this best free browsing codes' blog and site.
If any problem persists, just use the comment thread of the web log to post your comment. Like I said above as regards those interested in getting my ZAIN LATEST AND EXCLUSIVE FBT ON YOUR-FREEDOM. Should just, call or email me.0092347041957250,

FREE INTERNET BROWSING-How to configure your laptop or pc to browse free without the freedom client.

I have posted this before but some people are find it difficult to configure their laptop to use the is a step by step guide on how you can configure it.
1) A datacard,usb 3G modem or GPRS enabled mobile phone that has either a Bluetooth connectivity or USB cable connectivity.
2) ZAIN simcard
3) PC suite of your phone.
Step 1:
Insert the simcard "zain" into your phone. Transfer any credit inside it out. Then make sure that the sim card is GPRS activated. ZAIN subscribers go to http:// dmc. ng. zain. com and activate your internet instantly.
Step 2:
Install the PC suite for your phone for your computer. If you don't have it, you can download it from your phones manufacturer's website. For example, nokia users can download the latest version of nokia pc suite from http://nokia. com. Then configure the pc suit as follows
Access point: ----------
Username: ------------ internet .
Password: ------------- internet .
Step 3:
Connect your phone to the computer either through a USB cable or Bluetooth with the aid of the pc suite. Just allow the pc suite to recognize your phone and click on connect to internet.
Step 4:
go to tools,internet option on your internet explore browser,input this homepage address on the address on connection,than settings. input the ip and port on my last post.and select the two small on ok than the box disappear.
Enjoy free browsing

Free MTN internet Configuration 3.5G and others

How to Setup your Phone for Data Services (GPRS, 3.5G)
Manual Set Up Instructions
There are some phones that can only be setup manually. Please check if your phone is one of them. To setup your phone manually, you need to enter the following information, as applicable, on your phone:
Any device you use needs to be configured to use MTN's Data Network (the same settings apply to GPRS and 3.5G).
3.5G Settings
# Account Name = MTN GPRS
# IP Address =
# Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
# Username = web
# Password = web
# Access Point Name (APN) =
GPRS/WAP Settings
# Account Name = MTN GPRS
# IP Address =
# Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
# Username = web
# Password = web
# Access Point Name (APN) =
MMS Settings
# Account Name = MTN MMS
# Access Point Name (APN) =
# Service Centre Address =
# IP Address =
# Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
# Username = web
# Password = web
For free browsing on the phone open your opera browser network settings on your phone and enter this code
Note: 3.5G phones only

Zain free browsing on laptop without using the freedom client

activate you zain sim with the new internet settings...ACCESS....configure you internet browser with this ip,port and homepage.
Put this
it does not download and open any secure site.
It works on any phone, even china phones,all you need to do is to configure your phone to use the free browsing code.leave a comment if have any problem.
Enjoy free browsing....