Free freedom server configurations for free internet

Download and install the freedom server

follow this instruction for configuration

click on configure

Address type

"the 01 stands forone server in United states so it ranges from 01 - 30 servers"

Port select 80
conection mode HTTP
uncheck 1,2,4,5

check mark Numbers 3,6,7,8

minimum buffer size 1500

initial post size 10000000

minimum post size 20000

FTP mode both

Account information
you have to register on this website
Enter your registered username and password

Proxy settings
proxy address: empty
port :empty


Start connection

Check Auto scroll
minimum level - DEBUG

you will see this message
wrapping connection in SSL3

Be patient it will connect
Go back to status so when you see the voucher active it shows you are connected.

so the next thing to do is to configure your browsers

Go to internet options from Tools menu
click on the connections Tab
Select your mean

How To Format S60 Series Nokia Phones

After a long time using your mobile phones or even after a short period, sometimes you may get some problem in its functioning like automatic restart, unable to delete some file, camera not working, virus infected like commwarior, OS works very slow, bluetooth not working, phone hangs or not responding, unable to restart, in that case the first and foremost step is restore your original factory settings. Here I’m telling you how to track back the original factory settings and if the problem still persists than there’s an alternative approach for doing so.
Resetting Phone factory settings by Nokia Secret Codes.
This method is very simple one and you don't have to do much effort. In this process factory settings are restored i.e. phone is switched back to default settings and no application is deleted.

First Method-Normal Reset:
Before you start this first backup your phone books, calender and any other important stuff to your PC or memory card and then simply enter this code
It will ask for “Restore all phone settings-phone will restart….”
Then it will ask for security code, enter your security code whose default value is 12345 and then the phone is reset after restart. After doing all this phone will be restored to the time when you purchased the phone and no application is removed.

Second Method-Hard Reset:
The other method is formatting memory disk. It format the phone memory, everything that has been installed other than the default applications that were present at the time of purchase will be deleted. The phone restored to time to you purchased keeping the original software intact.This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten. Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by these sequences.

To do this just enter the code: -#7370#
Then it asks for security code, enter your security code and by default its value is 12345 and process as done in previous method.
Before starting just take backup of all the necessary data like contacts, calender etc.
Note : Battery should be fully charged or be connected to charger so that it may not run out of power.

If you encounter situation like below on your phone:

1. Blank screen phone and/or unable to reboot.

2. Phone only boot-up to "Nokia" word welcome screen.

3. Install some program but not able to uninstall it after that.

4. Unable to delete any unwanted files on C drive.

Do a Full phone formatting on your as steps below :

1. Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery power left.

2. Backup your all contact list and personal files to your memory card or PC.

3. Switch-off your phone and remove memory card.

4. Press and hold three keys : Green dial key, * Star key, no. 3 key on keypad and then press the power on/off button to switch on the phone. Remember! do not let go the 3 press and hold keys until you see a 'formatting' word screen show.

5. After a few minutes when the Full phone formatting completed, your phone will back to original company system and factory setting. Hope your phone will now work fine.

free zain configuration setup

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). It is a mobile communications technology designed for transmission of data rather than voice. It offers "always-on" internet connection and lets you use your phone (or other device) to browse the Web, send and receive multimedia messages and access services specific to your location, and use your phone for it's main conventional use: voice calls. When you set up your GPRS connection, you get almost immediate connection. There is no need to dial-up or use a modem. Your phone transmits and receives data through "packet-switching": the information is broken up into smaller "packets", each carrying the destination address. Email is delivered in a similar way.
The GPRS Service is the most practical and convenient method for surfing the World Wide Web from anywhere through your handset or PC, wirelessly!
To activate GPRS, send the word( INTERNET ) to 232 and you will receive the GPRS settings and activation by SMS on your handset; requesting that you switch off your mobile and enter pin 0000 while saving the GPRS setting.

If however the automatic setup didn't work, you can activate your GPRS manually by following these steps:

Name: access
IP Address:
Port: 8080
Username: internet
password: internet

Freedom to browse over firewalls

Are you trapped behind a firewall or a filtering web proxy and cannot access some or many web pages or use an application you would like to use or play a game you would like to play? Is your Internet connection being censored and you would like to stick censorship where the sun doesn't shine? Would you prefer to stay anonymous, that your IP address is not logged with every access to someone's web page? Then look no further, you've found the solution!

The Your Freedom services makes accessible what is unaccessible to you, and it hides your network address from those who don't need to know. Just download our client application and install or just run it on your PC; it turns your own PC into an uncensored, anonymous web proxy and an uncensored, anonymous SOCKS proxy that your applications can use, and if that's not enough it can even get you connected to the Internet just as if you were using an unrestricted DSL or cable connection -- just like the firewall suddenly went boom! You can even make your PC accessible from the Internet if you like. Nearly all applications work with Your Freedom, and so far no-one has managed to block our service completely and permanently without blocking your Internet access entirely.

Every day, more than 10,000 people in over 140 countries use our service, some because their government would rather not have them exercise their human rights, some because their school or university feels they are not mature enough to decide for themselves whether playing the odd game interferes with their studies or not, others because they don't want traceable IP addresses in every logfile. There are probably as many good reasons to use Your Freedom as there are restrictive firewalls in the world!

free mtn browsing

download the latest your freedom client
Click on "CONFIGURE". A new window pops out
Under Address use: Go to "protocol" and click on the box. Change it to "http", the port automatically changes to "80"
Tick/check the following boxes: (a.)reconnect after server shutdown (b.)sock 4/5 dns (c.) Enable encryption (d.)enable encryption,than Leave the others.
Go to "Account Information" tab. Input the Username and password,don't put any proxy add or port.than click save and the open vpn.
go to the Your-freedom client window again and click on the tab "Ports". Tick/check/mark the boxes:SOCKS 4/4 and Web Proxy and openvpn.
11. Go to the tab "Applications" and mark/tick.check all the needed boxes. Hit the "OK" when u are done. U should get a successful message.
Configure your open vpn to this proxy. preferred alternate.
Than start connection,you will see the door open and a sun shine in the open door

browse free directly with mtn on laptop

 Conect ur Mtn to ur pc suite or modem.
 Set ur Browser settings to manual config using these


Click ok, then go 2ur Browser address bar n type

A page wil open, scroll down n enter any website u want to visit