1.Register on this site: message will be sent to ur email. Click on the link provided to activate your account. please make sure u remember your username n password.
2.Use the link below to download the your-freedom client software:
3. Instal this software. After installation two window pops up. Just close the WELCOME page and continue with the other one.
4. Click on "CONFIGURE". A new window pops out
5.Under Address use: Go to "protocol" and click on the box. Change it to "https", the port automatically changes to "443"
6. Tick/check the following boxes: (a.) automatically connect on startup (b.) reconnect after server shutdown (c.) redirect SOCKS4/5 DNS to freedom server (d.) Enable encryption Leave the others.
7. Go to "Account Information" tab. Input the Username and password u used on step one above.
8. Go to " Proxy settings". Under Proxy address:, Proxy Port: 8080,password:wap,username:wap.Thats all u need to do here.
9. Look under and click on the tab "Save and Exit". This window disappears.than download openvpn using this link,install it

10. Go to the Your-freedom client window again and click on the tab "Ports". Tick/check/mark the boxes:SOCKS 4/4 and Web Proxy and openvpn.
11. Go to the tab "Applications" and mark/tick.check all the needed boxes. Hit the "OK" when u are done. U should get a successful message.
12. Go back to the tab "Status". In the interim just minimise this window. We shall get back to it.
13. Now this is very important. Launch ur Browser.
For Firefox(Mozilla) brower: Go to: Tools---Options----Advanced---Network---Settings. In the settings mark the box "Manual proxy configuration. Under HTTP Proxy use: localhost Port: 8080.Mark/tick/check the box " use this proxy server for all protocols". After this just go down and click "OK".
For Internet explorer:Got to: Tools---Internet Options---Connections---SettingsProxy: localhostPort: 8080Mark the box " bypass proxy , " "Apply" and u are done.
For Opera( please i don't have this on my system right nw but i hope i got the route right)Tools---Preferences--network---proxy settings Click on all the boxes that needs a Ip and Port input and use:Proxy: localhost Port: 8080 Just Ok and this is done.
For Yahoo messenger:Go to:Messenger----Connection PreferencesTick/mark/click on "No proxies" onlyUnder Server name: localhostServer port: 8080Thats all.
14. Go back to your-freedom client and click on the tab "Start connection". Make sure u watch the freedom server logo just by the right. Initially u will see a question mark, once this changes and u see an Open door then u are connected.


There's more to the computer than just mouse clicks and gestures. Lets face it, those who use keyboard shortcuts are seen as "Gurus" in the eyes of a novice.. And they always ask "How did you do that", i tell them but they will forget tomorow.

Want to be mistaken for a computer guru? lol or you just forgot some cool shortcuts? well here's a reminder

- Windows key + D - shows the desktop
- Windows key + M - minimizes all open windows
- Windows key + Shift + M - maximizes all open windows
- Windows key + E - Runs Windows Explorer
- Windows key + R - shows the RUN dialog
- Windows key + F - shows Search window
- Windows key + Break - shows System Properties box
- Windows key + TAB - Go through taskbar applications
- Windows key + PAUSE Display the System Properties dialog box
- Windows key + U Open Utility Manager
- ALT + TAB - Cycle through opened applications
- Hold down CTRL while dragging an item to Copy it
- CTRL + ESC Display the Start menu
- ALT + ENTER View the properties for the selected item
- F4 key Display the Address bar list in My Computer
- CTRL + ALT +DELETE Displays the task manager which enables you monitor processes currently running on your system, monitor network traffic, stop unresponsive programs and options to shutdown, hybernate and put your system in stand by mode.
- CTRL + ENTER adds www. and .com to the begining and end of a web address typed. e.g type google then CTRL + ENTER, It becomes


Using the freedom clent to break network firewell has been one of the greatest and best browsing.but it's not the best,freedom has 1 to 24 servers and i know that if you try connecting through the first server and it fail, who have to keep trying other ones and it might connect and it might if you have something very important to do no the internet, you cannot.the fact is you can browse without using this software and you will be connected to their server just as if you have paid for the service.
if you want to know how to browse free without using the freedom client.than you can send an email to or call 0092347041957250


with this ip your can download and surf the internet for free 24/7.all you need is a gprs enable phone and a mtn prepaid sim.
Note: you must not have credit no your phone.if you have than it will be deducted while you are browsing.
Just change your settings to

free browsing on your laptop

The free internet browsing on computer is achieved with the aid of some software specially designed for that purpose. Many of these software are proxy tunnelers programmed by hackers from countrise like China, USA, Germany, India etc. which are capable of hiding your proxy address from your network service provider. They are also these other ones that are just free web browsers which you can configure just the same way you configure your mobile phone default browser. E.g. is opera browser. The problem with these ones is that they seem to be restricted to only the sites the mobile phone default browser can access very well.

So the proxy tunnelers are the better ones but the best among them are those ones that not only hide your proxy address but programmed in such a way that they have foreign servers located in foreign countries and are capable of distributing internet connection to any application installed in the computer that requires internet connection. E.g. Web browsers and chat/messengers. some of them are also designed to keep changing from a from a weak server to a stronger one. Since these software have been designed to browse the internet free of charge any where in the world, we get them and configure them in such a way that they will allow us access in our computers free of charge.
I will be given you new and excellent software that is very much reliable, fast and supports file download of any size. they strong and by pass the upgraded firewalls of the service providers. With this software, you can discover how fun it is to browse the internet free of charge with much ease and at incredible speed. Use your yahoo messengers, msn messengers with a click.