1.Register on this site: message will be sent to ur email. Click on the link provided to activate your account. please make sure u remember your username n password.
2.Use the link below to download the your-freedom client software:
3. Instal this software. After installation two window pops up. Just close the WELCOME page and continue with the other one.
4. Click on "CONFIGURE". A new window pops out
5.Under Address use: Go to "protocol" and click on the box. Change it to "https", the port automatically changes to "443"
6. Tick/check the following boxes: (a.) automatically connect on startup (b.) reconnect after server shutdown (c.) redirect SOCKS4/5 DNS to freedom server (d.) Enable encryption Leave the others.
7. Go to "Account Information" tab. Input the Username and password u used on step one above.
8. Go to " Proxy settings". Under Proxy address:, Proxy Port: 8080,password:wap,username:wap.Thats all u need to do here.
9. Look under and click on the tab "Save and Exit". This window disappears.than download openvpn using this link,install it

10. Go to the Your-freedom client window again and click on the tab "Ports". Tick/check/mark the boxes:SOCKS 4/4 and Web Proxy and openvpn.
11. Go to the tab "Applications" and mark/tick.check all the needed boxes. Hit the "OK" when u are done. U should get a successful message.
12. Go back to the tab "Status". In the interim just minimise this window. We shall get back to it.
13. Now this is very important. Launch ur Browser.
For Firefox(Mozilla) brower: Go to: Tools---Options----Advanced---Network---Settings. In the settings mark the box "Manual proxy configuration. Under HTTP Proxy use: localhost Port: 8080.Mark/tick/check the box " use this proxy server for all protocols". After this just go down and click "OK".
For Internet explorer:Got to: Tools---Internet Options---Connections---SettingsProxy: localhostPort: 8080Mark the box " bypass proxy , " "Apply" and u are done.
For Opera( please i don't have this on my system right nw but i hope i got the route right)Tools---Preferences--network---proxy settings Click on all the boxes that needs a Ip and Port input and use:Proxy: localhost Port: 8080 Just Ok and this is done.
For Yahoo messenger:Go to:Messenger----Connection PreferencesTick/mark/click on "No proxies" onlyUnder Server name: localhostServer port: 8080Thats all.
14. Go back to your-freedom client and click on the tab "Start connection". Make sure u watch the freedom server logo just by the right. Initially u will see a question mark, once this changes and u see an Open door then u are connected.

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