FREEDOM IS BACK !configuration settings for your-freedom new mtn free browsing codes-cheat and tricks

Hello beloved reader, on today's edition of free browsing tricks, we are going to talk about how to browse free using your mtn line.type this in the search box and download the freedom client.and you can also search for openvpn and download it to make your browsing fast. guys here is the the latest configuration settings for your freedom client on mtn
config add:
port: 53
conn. mode: https
In the proxy tab, leave everything EMTPY
NOTE: if u change the conn mode to https, the
port automatically changes to 443. just change it back to 53
and also if is sends and recieves bytes without the yf
door opening, disconnect ur pc suit and Y-F then reconnect again
this one opens facebook n yahoomail in secs
if you have any problem configuring it just leave your comment or mail me on


latest unlimited free zain wap browsing on mobile codes and cheats

latest unlimited free zain wap browsing on mobile codes and cheats,zain has block the former,but guys here is the latest zain free browsing on oprea mini 4.2,5,3.1 and 2.06 and your phone brower

IP Address:
Port no. 80
Opera mini server Address:
Opera mini server :

You can Also Use this too
IP Address:
Port Number: 80
Opera mini server :
Opera mini server :

Ip Address:
Port No.: 8080

IP Address:
Port No. 8080

IP Address ::Port No. 80 80

NOTE: I know what am doing when I wrote server4.operamini:80 without the .com


Opera Server Address 80
Opera Server Address :


Step 1
Copy this link and paste in ur browser to Download PingFu UDP 3-days trial software

Step 2
install d software

Step 3
Lunch your internet connection using d following settings
Username: internet
Password: internet

Step 4
> Launch PingFu UDP software, click i accept the EULA, in d next dialog box, click 'lets start'.
> Below d software window, you'll see the client status (this shows d present action of the software) it displays 'testing settings'in yellow color, just allow it 4 a while until it turns red and displays 'test failed!'. click ok in the message box to continue.
> On d Network setting tab, click the 'configure manually' button, and select 'i am behind a proxy server' located at the top, then enter d following;
Port: 80
Proxy user: internet
Proxy Password: internet

> Click d 'apply changes' button below d other settings tab, click ok to continue
>>> Note that d client status turns yellow again displaying 'testing settings', after some few seconds, it should then show 'test successful' in green. If not, pls check ur settings thoroughly(or instead of clicking apply changes click auto detect settings, after test successful change it to am behind a proxy server).
> After that, Click the 'Register' button, in d dialog box, enter any username & password of ur chioce and your existing email address and then click the 'setup account in PingFU' button.
>>> Here, requires some little patience cos it takes a while for the client software to directly log and register ur username & password in the PingFU's server database system.

> At d left panel of the PingFU UDP client software, there is d 'Status Monitor' button 2 display d connection and activity status and the 'Application Launcher' which displays all installed and supported applications that can be used with PingFU UDP.

> you can configure ur browser manully using the following configurations
Port: 2020

latest mtn and zain free browsing software pingfu udp iris tunnel

for your information, the latest mtn and zain free browsing software is called pingfu udp iris tunnel, it's a mass firewall breaker. it's far better than your-freedom software that cuts every 1 hour. unlike jondo, psiphon and your-freedom software that is not very fast. Pingfu software delivers 24 hours free internet service to mtn and zain users without any interruption and the speed is incomparable with any other free browsing software ever seen.
here are the qualities of this network service breaker software:

-it has a speed of 560 kbps to 1.7 mbps
-contains multi-cgi relay
-server autoswitch killer
-a dns protocol behind 3 servers
-custom loophole sequence
-plung in out lagging
-multiple streaming rate
-24 hours continues free internet service

Infact, this software is the best. if you really wants to enjoy free browsing on your computer, then download ping fu udp from,install's a three days trial software.this is the settings for zain,
note:after installation,just put the above ip and port manually and wait for few minute for successful test of the proxy,then register you username,password and you email address and click will be connected to a USA server,always add and lunch your application from the ping fu window.if you have any problem just leave a comment or send an email to or call me on 0092347041957250 enjoy 24hrs free browsing.

Configure your Mailbox in your Symbian Phone

Ever wondered how you could access your email directly on your Symbian phone? Here's a quick step-by-step Symbian Email guide.

Configure your Mailbox in your Symbian Phone

This tutorial will show you How to setup the Email mailbox on your Symbian phone and configure it to use your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account.

If you want to send or receive email on your Symbian phone, you can either use the web browser built in, or you can use the default email mailbox. You can also use third party software like Profimail if you wish to. However, the second option is the easiest to use and also makes it easier for you to access your SMSes and Email from one place.

To setup your Mailbox, just go to

Messages > Options > Settings > Email.

Click Options and create a New Mailbox. Select the type IMAP4 / POP3 and proceed. Enter your email address and click Next. Next enter your Incoming Mail server and Outgoing Mail server. Select a default access point to use and then give your mailbox a name.

When you are done with the above settings, just select the mailbox you just created and go to Options > Edit > Connection Settings.


In Incoming Mail,

User Name: username
Password: password
Incoming Mail server:
Mailbox Type: POP3
Security: SSL / TLS
Port: 995

In Outgoing Mail,

Email Address:
User Name: username
Password: password
Outgoing Mail server:
Security: Start TLS
Port: 465


In Incoming Mail,

User Name: username
Password: password
Incoming Mail server:
Mailbox Type: IMAP4
Security: SSL / TLS
Port: 993

In Outgoing Mail,

Email Address:
User Name: username
Password: password
Outgoing Mail server:
Security: Start TLS
Port: 465

These are the settings for Gmail. Remember to first enable POP/IMAP 4 on your account. You can also configure Yahoo and Hotmail is a similar manner if you have POP3/IMAP4 enabled on your account. You can also use the bundled Nokia Settings Wizard for configuring your Email client. But in case, your host isn't supported by the Settings Wizard, you will have to do it manually as detailed above. To access your mail, just go to Messaging > Select Mailbox > Retrieve Email.