FREEDOM IS BACK !configuration settings for your-freedom new mtn free browsing codes-cheat and tricks

Hello beloved reader, on today's edition of free browsing tricks, we are going to talk about how to browse free using your mtn line.type this in the search box and download the freedom client.and you can also search for openvpn and download it to make your browsing fast. guys here is the the latest configuration settings for your freedom client on mtn
config add:
port: 53
conn. mode: https
In the proxy tab, leave everything EMTPY
NOTE: if u change the conn mode to https, the
port automatically changes to 443. just change it back to 53
and also if is sends and recieves bytes without the yf
door opening, disconnect ur pc suit and Y-F then reconnect again
this one opens facebook n yahoomail in secs
if you have any problem configuring it just leave your comment or mail me on


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  1. I tried it but its just telling me connection to host failed, will try again in 5 seconds. Although i use mtn 3g modem fastlink. What could have been the problem? You could text me on 08027011842 or thanks