the new configuration setting and the new free browsing code for mtn and zain

on today edition of free browsing we are going to talk about mtn free browsing on your phone browser and operamini and also zain on operamini.
use this ip and port
server and port below:
94.246.126. 89 port 80
80.239.242. 253 port 80

In your homepage, put this code:
http://wap.mtnonlin n?=anysite
http://wag.mtnonlin nph-go.cgi/ 0001A/http/ anysite
To use it to downloadwith your operamini handler that has front query,
create access point with any of the IPs then Go To your operamini front
query and put the cheat. Excluding the http://
94.246.126. 89 port 80
in front query put
wap.mtnonline. com/gwt/n? =operaserver

Note: Opera 5 server is "mini5beta.opera- 80" and Opera 4
server is "server4.operamini. com:80"
To use it with Operamini 5 or 4, customize your access point with d
proxies giving above. Then change the opera_server to any of the operas
you are using
94.246.126. 89 port 80
code: zain.come/ gwt/n?=mini5beta .opera-mini. net:80

Hint: if you noticed, i used zain code above instead of mtn. Don't get
confused it is for a reason.

This settings works for both zain and mtn free browsing. Simply replace
wap.mtnonline. com to com vise versa
enjoy free browsing...happy new year

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