for the mtn free call 2 all netwrk.step 1,u most have at least #10 on ur mtn sim.step 2,dial d number u want 2 call and press d call bottom.step 3,if d person u are calling picks d call den u will hold d call and dial *33*0000# den unhold d call.after d call dial #33*0000#.

for the mtn step1,get 2 mtn extra cool sim,sim A and B.step2,make sure u hv 100 on both sim but don't be afraid

they wont touch ur money.step3,divert all sim A call 2 sim B step4,keep ur sim A and put only sim B after dat u are good 2 make free mtn call 2 all work fine that is what am usin in calin and is free

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