Apart from only allowing their subscribers to making free night calls on Easy Talk package plan and Classic Plus Bundle Plan, the telecommunication GIANT have decided to unleash an unprecedented free calls promo tagged”Glo Biiiig Dash.

GSM mobile operator, GloMobile, has announced a promo that allows their subscribers to make free on-net calls for a daily rental of N40.00 only. Basically, Glo subscribers can call other Glo lines all they want for just N40 daily. Exciting prospects, we say.
Dubbed “Glo Biiiig Dash”, GloMobile claims to be revolutionalising the telecoms sector with this promo.
But is it really that revolutionary?

For example, another GSM operator Etisalat has been running a promo that allows their own subscribers get back every minute spent on-net in calls. Basically, this means that Etisalat subscribers are making free on-net calls too – and without a daily rental or any other fee.
Perhaps, the Glo Biiiig Dash promo is in reality a response to Etisalat’s? Anyways, we agree that the competition is good.

To activate your Glo line for the Biiiig Dash promo, dial *100*1*1# from your phone. And press 1 to continue with the activation process or 2 to discontinue with the deactivation process. The rental of N40 will be deducted from your airtime daily and you can call all your contacts and Glo for as long as you want without attracting any further charges. You can simply migrate from this bundle charging plan to your own preferred charging plan.

Consider this before choosing this free call promo splash; if I migrate to this bundle plan, who shall I be calling every day? That is, am I going to be calling my own usual contacts numbers on a daily basis? And if at all I want to always get in touch with them every now and then what is our discussion going to be based on? And shall I be able to stand the test of time by which N40 will be deducted from my account on a daily basis in a week for a month? Just imagine that most especially when you are frugal and parsimonious in spending. From my own personal opinions, I think this promo is better suitable for business people who spend a lot of airtime calling credits on the mobile phones on a daily basis. What about students?
However, lets us be time conscious in all our dealings, time is very precious I see no reason why you should calling someone you called yesterday today again all for the sake of frivolity, a lot of good biz man and woman don’t invest on “liability but on asset” spending countless number of time on phone calls when you are supposed to be doing something more crucial could just be a waste. You can contact (GLOBACOM) Customer care line for useful assistance on 121

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