free mtn browsing

download the latest your freedom client
Click on "CONFIGURE". A new window pops out
Under Address use: Go to "protocol" and click on the box. Change it to "http", the port automatically changes to "80"
Tick/check the following boxes: (a.)reconnect after server shutdown (b.)sock 4/5 dns (c.) Enable encryption (d.)enable encryption,than Leave the others.
Go to "Account Information" tab. Input the Username and password,don't put any proxy add or port.than click save and the open vpn.
go to the Your-freedom client window again and click on the tab "Ports". Tick/check/mark the boxes:SOCKS 4/4 and Web Proxy and openvpn.
11. Go to the tab "Applications" and mark/tick.check all the needed boxes. Hit the "OK" when u are done. U should get a successful message.
Configure your open vpn to this proxy. preferred alternate.
Than start connection,you will see the door open and a sun shine in the open door

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