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Anonymous surfing allows you to surf the web without leaving a trail of particulars about your browser, your computer system, your country, IP address, etc. This is usually done by entering the address (URL) of the site you wish to go to at the free anonymous surfing proxy site, and that site will retrieve the page for you and present it to you. The site you visit will not receive any particulars about your system, your IP address etc because the proxy will not have transmitted such particulars to it.

If you are particularly concerned about privacy and anonymity while surfing, you should note that, when using most of the free anonymous surfing facilities, the URLs you visit are easily gleaned by others. If absolute privacy is your concern, you might want to explore commercial solutions such as Steganos Internet Anonym and Anonymizer's Total Net Shield which encrypt all your traffic (including your URLs) in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) giving you privacy from people snooping your connection (say) when you're connected via wireless broadband, and even privacy from your ISP. Some of these commercial solutions may provide other benefits as well, such as encrypting your email, IM and chats, etc

Free Anonymous Surfing or Browse with Privacy Protection
Proxify provides you with secure (SSL) anonymous surfing. It removes cookies, scripts, ads, referrer information and optionally page titles. It hides your user agent (which provides information like the name of your browser and operating system) and optionally, the referrer information sent by the browser.

Anonymous Web Browser
The Anonymous Web Browser allows you to surf the internet anonymously, optionally removing cookies, the browser referer field, scripts (such as JavaScripts, VBScripts, etc), images, and objects (such as Flash, Java, etc). It can also encrypt your URLs and Cookies. You can also change the User-Agent (browser type) that the service sends to the website you're visiting. There is a 2 MB download limit, and a 5 second anti-flood timer.

ShadowSurf provides free anonymous surfing.

@nonymouse Anonymous Web Surfing
This free anonymous surfing service allows you to type into a URL into their website and it will retrieve that web page for you.

Guardster: Free Anonymous, Private Web Proxy
You can surf the Internet from this free anonymous web service. It is able to strip cookies, scripts, images, hide your referrer field, hide your user agent (name of browser), remove the page title, etc.

the-cloak allows you to surf to other websites, strip away JavaScript code that that site may place on your pages, remove images, cookies, etc, while at the same time prevent certain information about your location and computer from being transmitted to that site. They place a limit of the number of times you can use their free service from a particular IP address.

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